China becomes IBM global innovation hub

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) issued an annual report in Beijing on March 17. It stated that China has become a hub for IBM's global innovation and plays an important role in the company's global planning.

Zhou Weikun, Chairman of IBM China Region said that, along with China's rapid economic development, and based on China's strengthening innovation capabilities, IBM's global resources are now accelerating transfers to China. He said that IBM's first Global Supply Chain Innovation Center has settled in China; the company's eastern series of servers have been specifically designed for China; and SmartSCOR products have received the global supply chain award. These achievments indicate that China is at the forefront of global innovation.

At present, 65 percent of its employees and 60 percent of its income come from regions outside the United States. IBM's procurement centre headquarters were established in Shenzhen; and the global payment center was established in Shanghai. IBM's business emphasis in China in 2008 takes software, hardware, IT services and business services as pillars; and their own global conformity restructuring to provide services such as business consulting, IT services, and basic infrastructure for Chinese enterprises during their globalization process, according to Zhou Weikun.

(People's daily)

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