BLG to boost China's auto export to Europe

(Apr 18) BLG, Europe's leading car logistics company, intends to speed up efforts to help Chinese carmakers boost sales in Europe with the representative office it opened in Beijing recently.

Company Chairman Manfred Kuhr said Chinese manufacturers should look for the strongest partner in each field to guarantee success in Europe as exporting cars is not easy.

"We are ready for Chinese cars and we are offering all relevant services for the whole of Europe to make it easier for Chinese car exporters to be prepared and successful," Kuhr said.

For example, he said, Chinese carmakers should get all necessary homologation and Customs clearing papers before entering foreign markets. Experienced companies like BLG can offer this kind of services.

BLG is sending Chinese cars through its ports to Europe's inland terminals or directly to dealers in Russia and Ukraine, he said, without revealing the names of its Chinese clients.

The logistics company now moves more than 5 million cars annually.

A lot of Chinese carmakers, such as Chery, Geely, Brilliance and Great Wall Motors are planning to sell more vehicles in Europe.

(China Daily)

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