California to serve as climate model for China

LOS ANGELES - California on Tuesday said it reached a deal with the United Nations to share research, policy initiatives and technological innovations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions with Chinese provincial governments.

In a statement, the California Environmental Protection Agency said the U.N. Development Program asked California to serve as a model in its work with the Chinese government on climate change.

As part of the agreement, California will share best practices from its climate change strategy and coordinate activities that support the development of strategies to address global warming in China.

China's emergence as a global economic power has heightened concerns about its role as a polluter, with some studies saying it has already overtaken the United States as the world's No. 1 carbon dioxide emitter.

California, meanwhile, has long been a leader in the United States on matters of climate change. The state has aggressive targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by using more renewable energy sources and fuel-efficient cars.

"California is not waiting for the federal government to take action but instead we are forming agreements and building relationships with countries like China to fight climate change," California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a statement.


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