SINA launches news site in English

Shanghai, May 16 -- 2008-SINA Corporation (SINA) , the leading Internet portal in China today announced that it has officially launched its English news site (http://english.sina.com)to provide timely China related news and other content service in English. The new site is intended to provide comprehensive coverage of current events in China for an international audience utilizing SINA's core competence in online media space.

The recent major earthquake in Sichuan Province in China has caught wide attention among global communities. SINA's newly launched English site has been providing a full coverage of the earthquake and the current rescue efforts by Chinese government and Chinese people. The site also provides contact information for overseas organizations and individuals who wish to make donations or contributions to the victims of the quake.

"It was truly a massive tragedy. We have chosen to launch our English news site now as we would like to provide up-to-minute coverage of the earthquake for overseas people who are concerned about the tragedy and easy access for those who wish to show their love and care or make their contributions." said Charles Chao, President and CEO of SINA. "Over the longer term, we intend to make this site a window for international communities to have an easy access to China related information and to have better understanding about modern China."

SINA will also cover the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games in English through this newly launched site.


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