Alibaba launches Export-to-China service

HANGZHOU, China, Aug 02, 2008 -- Alibaba.com today announced the beta launch of Export-to-China, a new service which will enable international entrepreneurs and small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to sell direct to China's growing number of buyers.
Export-to-China will provide international suppliers with a Chinese-language online storefront on Alibaba.com's China marketplace, which has an active community of over 25 million buyers and suppliers. It is an easy-to-use, direct channel to connect global sellers with millions of buyers in China. Export-to-China members will also benefit from Alibaba.com's professional translation services and promotion at more than 40 major trade shows in China every year.
China's role in the global market is evolving from a top manufacturing hub and exporter into a powerful global buyer as well. China's growing demand for imported goods is being fueled by a booming economy, an emerging middle class, the rising Chinese Yuan and favorable government measures promoting imports. China's most recent trade figures indicated a continued rise in exports by 18% from a year ago to US$121.53 billion, while imports soared 31% to US$100.18 billion, shrinking the nation's trade surplus for the month. China currently ranks third in the world in trade volume and is expected to become the world's biggest import market within 10 years.
"While China will continue to grow as the world's largest supplier, its emerging role as a major importer is creating opportunities for companies around the world, especially SMEs," said David Wei, Chief Executive Officer, Alibaba.com. "Chinese buyers are not just looking for luxury goods, natural resources and high end machinery, they are also interested in more basic items such as food and beverages, home supplies and health and beauty products. Alibaba.com can help equalize the trade imbalance by connecting domestic buyers with international suppliers and promoting imports into China."
He continued, "Until now, foreign companies have found it difficult to break into the China market because of language and cultural barriers and the high cost of developing a new market and setting up a sales network. Export-to-China is a cost effective tool to help SMEs enter the China market quickly and access a huge pool of potential buyers." According to Alibaba.com's estimates, around 64% of its international suppliers are interested in selling into China and 52% of its Chinese members require imported goods.
Gene Rumley, International Marketing Manager of Florida-based Bell Performance signed up for Export-to-China in July 2008. "In a time of rising fuel costs and increasing pollution, China represents a huge business opportunity for our company," said Mr Rumley. "Our range of fuel and oil treatment products helps to reduce the running and maintenance costs of automobiles, trucks and boats as well as lowering pollution levels in industrial power plants. As an Alibaba.com TrustPass member we have had great success finding new customers around the world and now Export-to-China can give us a direct channel to buyers in China."
Alibaba.com began marketing the Export-to-China service on its website on June 20 and has already signed up over 1,600 companies. During the beta testing phase launched today, Export-to-China storefronts will be displayed on Alibaba.com's China marketplace and the service will be offered for free trial to all qualified Alibaba.com paid members for a limited period.

/Xinhua-PRNewswire via COMTEX/

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