"The Dark Knight" won’t be screened in China

Variety is reporting today that the studio has decided not to screen “The Dark Knight” in China — which has seen foreign grosses top $465 million — due to “cultural sensitivities.” And while studio reps refused to elaborate further on exactly what those cultural sensitivities were, all signs point to scenes in “The Dark Knight” which took place in Hong Kong, which may have proved difficult to get past Chinese censors.

The official statement released by Warner Bros. said, “Based on a number of pre-release conditions that are being attached to ‘The Dark Knight’ as well as cultural sensitivities to some elements of the film, we have opted to forego a theatrical release of the film in China.”

As Variety notes, while China has clearly become a force to be reckoned with in terms of worldwide economics, and likewise has become a target for U.S. entertainment based on its growing middle class and increased number of theaters, sensitivities continue to remain high among its people and government based on China’s portrayal in movies and television.


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