GuLi(古力) wins LiShiShi(李世石) in LG Cup of Go

In what is one of the most anticipated Weiqi(GO) matchup in history, GuLi destroyed LiShiShi’s legend and won 2-0 in a best of 3 series in Feb 26,2009. Both youngsters are known for their superb fighting skills and violent styles, and both are arguably the best in their own countries, China and Korea respectively. It is the divine match destined from birth. Yet there can only be one winner.

I must admit I was a little disappointed that they did not get to play the third match especially when LiShiShi would have won the second match and made it 1-1, had he only played out the endgame normally. Instead, he chose to fight aggressively, perhaps hoping to get the win convincingly and carry that dominance over to the next match. But, a win is a win and GuLi deserves it this time.

This is the new Weiqi era and these are the two leaders. There will be more memorable games to follow and I can hardly wait.

(Evolution Paradise)

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